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Terms & Conditions


Except for the flight, all our trips are on an all-inclusive basis. The transfers from and to the airport (except Slovenia), the overnight stays, the food and drinks and the use and local transfers to and from our hides. are therefore included in the price. Due to our many international guests, the flight (and any travel insurance) is not included. We do discuss in advance which flight we take to our destination and support you in this if necessary. 

Deposit & Cancellation Down payment:

You have decided to go on an adventure with us and book the flight ticket yourself. 

Downpayment :

  • 10% two months in advance of the trip or as soon as you book within this period.
  • One week before to the trip, you pay the remainder of the total travel sumIt 

It is best to book about 2 months before the trip  

Note: You do not run any risk with regard to possible Covid cancellations. We do not use vouchers, we simply refund any downpayment. 



As the innkeeper trusts his guests ...... If it is really not possible to go on an adventure and you have already booked a flight ticket, we will try to find another candidate. The ticket can then possibly be converted to name of the new candidate so that you only have the costs of the conversion. We will refund the paid down payment in consultation for valid reasons (See ANWB site in Dutch) 


Although all locations have been surveyed for specific photo opportunities, Nature-Click cannot be held responsible for the lack of species. However, we usually use highly reliable cabins in close proximity to nesting or feeding grounds. We partner with Park Rangers with extensive local knowledge who work and observe the area on a daily basis.


You must take out your own travel insurance. In addition., You must always follow the instructions of the Rangers / Guides. You will understand that Bears, for example, are not sweet little cuddly animals. Nature-Klik cannot be held responsable if the instructions are not followed