Ontdek de ongelofelijke natuur in Hongarije

Welcome at nature-klik

Nature-Click offers bird trips with personal attention to our 2nd home country Hungary. Through a unique collaboration with nature conservation organization we have access to beautiful areas where various sheltered locations are adapted for photographing the birds. My own interest is mainly focused on bird photography but there are many more opportunities. We take photographs especially from hides.

We think it's important that both the beginner and advanced photographer can participate, and in such a way that one can learn from each other, get more knowledge and insight into the subject, nature and the technical aspects of digital photography. Preferably, I travel with small groups of about 3 people to give everyone a lot of opportunities, to give attention and to meet everyone's wishes as much as possible. We will regularly pay attention to the post-processing and discussion of the pictures.

Important feature of our photo tours is that we assert that all photographers respect the nature. With our trips we support the Hungarian nature organizations.

Our 2017 tours were a success, therefore, we continue to organize this spectacular ALL inclusive bird / nature photo tours. Henk Laverman was immediately on 1 and 2 at place whit the Hoepoe fly-action pictures on Birdpix and read more (only in Dutch available) about the experiences of Danielle and Matthijs (Participants in 2017) Our drop-off base is the beautiful country house 'AHHAZ' located in the picturesque Kisgyalán, a small village between Kapsovar and Domóvár in the comitology of Somogy. The Ahhaz Country House is located near a large lake and a walk nearby or by the garden is already an adventure, but we have a lot more for you!

We hope we can make your bird dreams come true

Costs: 8 days All Inclusive with flight €1650, - // 8 days All Inclusive with own transport €1395,-

Travel information


If you want to make a trip to Hungary, we will first contact each other by phone, we can discuss expectations and wishes. Afterword’s you can decide.

OFFER 2018:

Sunday 27th May - 03th June Full

Sunday 03 June to 10 June Full

Sunday June 10 through June 17 Full 


In the Madárparadicsom park, we look at what type of birds you want to photograph each day and which hide offers the most opportunities. We photograph in morning and afternoon / evening sessions that offer the most beautiful light. In both country houses we have WIFI and between the session we look and discuss the photo results.

Sunday day 1: travel day: arrival in Madárparadicsom / afternoon tour and hide photography session / dinner

Monday day 2: morning and afternoon hide photography / Tuesday day 3: morning and afternoon hide photography

Wednesday day 4: Morning session hide photography in the afternoon travel to Kisgyalan

Thursday Day 5: Ahhaz Garden Hide or Beeeaters in Zelic

Friday Day 6: Morning Tower Hide Kiskunsági Nemzeti Park and / afternoon The little owl hide

Saturday Day 7: Floating Hide (Lake Colon)

Sunday Day 8: Return


Chris Ipenburg & Local Guides (English Speaking)


We stay in 2 beautiful accommodations. Kund Kastely and country house Ahhaz


You can travel by car but also by plane. If multiple participants choose to fly, we will decide which flight so I can arrange your transfer in one ride. I can also book a flight for you

Everything is regulated on the spot.


All levels of photographers can enjoy this. Recommended lenses between 300 and 600mm and possibly your wide angle, remote control and your Macro lens. The birds are usually close!


FULL PENSION: breakfast package - lunch - evening dinner - refreshments


2 ore max 3 photographers  


ALL inclusive 8 DAYS - 7 NIGHTS:

 € 1650,- p/p including flight

  € 1395, - p/p excluding flight