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Our birdphotography Spring, Summer & Winter tours in Hungary are located in a scenic and bird-rich area of the famous Kiskunság National Park, only an hour’s drive south of Budapest airport. We offer fully guided bird photography tours. There is comfortable accommodation at the Oriole Lodge in the area close to the bird photography hides and tasty local food is readily available.

Our birdphotography hides are set by cleverly designed drinking stations at the forest edge, others by marshes or beside the shallow water of alkaline lakes. Seasonal mobile hides follow the movement of birds or are close to their breeding areas. These offer tremendous possibilities for close-up birdphotography, where each day might bring something new. 

Our host:
István is a science graduate who specialised in bird ecology for his PhD. Since then he has been working as a ranger in the Kiskunság National Park (a steppe reserve), where he lives with his family. He speaks English, Hungarian, Serbian and Spanish. 

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Our Tours

Summer in Hungary

Hungary Summer 6 Days

6 persons

Traveldate 2021: 

  • 10 till 15 may (Canceled)
  •  17 till 22 May

Price €  1350,-  exclusief flight. Singleroom €100,-

Traveldate 2022

  • 14 t/m 20 May  
  • 28 t/m 03 June

Targetspiecies: Hoopoo, Beeeater, Roller, Redfootedfalcon, Redback Shrike, lesser grey shrike, Ferrigious Duck,  Herons, Storks, Stern, Grebe's, Stilts, etc.... More info

Hungary Winter 5 Days: 

  • 3 persons

Traveldate: 2021/2022

  • 06 till 10 december 2021
  • 18 till 22 december 2021
  • 20 t/m 24 januari 2022

Price: € 1150,-  excl. flight Singleroom €80,- 

Targetspiecies: Common Buzzard, Imperial-, Whitetailed Eagle,  Sakerfalcon, Bittern, Kingfisher, Rail, etc.

 Speciaal: Golden Jackel & Red Kite regularly.... More Info

Spring in Hungary

Hungary  Spring 2022 5/6 days:

  • 5 persons

Traveldate 2022: 

  • March/April on request

Price on request excluding flight

Targetspiecies: Kestrels, Herons, Stilts, Ducks, Goose, Grebe, Polvers, etc.. Drinkingpool hides All kind of forestbirds 

Expandable with the Great Bustard  (mostly 1ste week of April if present).... More Info