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Slovenia   (We are developing the programs so below is an indication)

If your ambition for your wildlife holiday is to see large mammals, then wildlife tours in Slovenia offer some experiences to savour. Within its natural parks, such as Kočevsko in the south, can be found Grey Wolves, Brown Bears and Eurasian Lynx. You can watch and photograph the Bears from (tower) hides and observe their behaviour without disturbing them.

In these virgin forests, you can completely immerse yourself in nature and enjoy sightings of smaller mammals as well. Among these you can find Beech Martens and Red Squirrels. The mountain regions of Slovenia host Alpine Marmots, Ibex and Chamois. 

They also feature beautiful landscapes of glacial lakes and crystal clear streams.The Karst region of southwestern Slovenia is a landscape of caves, limestone pavements, gorges and underground streams. The diversity to be found on wildlife tours in amazing Slovenia will delight you. 

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Spring in Slovenia

7 day Tour: Brown Bear, Black Grouse, Capercaillie & Owls

  • 4 persons

Traveldate 2022: 

  • 23 April 

Price €  1550  exclusief flight. Singleroom €20 p/n 

Targetspiecies: Brown Bear, Black Grouse, Capercaillie & Owls, Woodpeckers, Dippers, etc ... More Info

Autumn in Slovenia

5 day Tour: Wallcreeper & Owl, Chamois and Alpine Ibex

  • 4 persons

Traveldate 2021: 

  • 12 till 17 october

Price €  1250,-  exclusief flight. Singleroom €20 p/n 

Targetspiecies: Wallcreeper, Owl, Chamois and Alpine Ibex, etc ... More Info