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SET DEPARTURE: 14.10 – 20.10.2021 Price € 1185,-

Our Host: We are a young and new company, which has in 2018 started working in the field of phototourism. The Fotonatur team is comprised of young and experienced adventurers, which all have something in common: the love of nature and animals.

MISSION: To care about the nature and wildlife. To introduce Slovenia to photographers and show him all the secret corners of our beautiful country. We want to work together with NGO's, which are working towards the preservation of animal species and nature. With the help of phototourism we want to raise awareness and be a socially responsible company, which will help NGO's and work towards the preservation of nature and animal wildlife.

VISION: To work together with the best within this field and develop photo tourism in Slovenia. In the next 5 years we want to become one of the biggest and best companies in this field for Slovenia and Croatia.


14.10.2021 – Arrival in Slovenia The tour will start in the unspoiled nature of Koroška region, one of the Slovenian regions in the north of Slovenia, on the border with Austria. Region is known for its unspoiled mountain nature and forests with a wide network of mountain roads. The paths of Koroška offer a variety of exploration trips. The untouched mountain nature assures tranquility and a peaceful respite for the soul. The Meža valley is known for its various natural features, diverse animal life, and unique cuisine and, of course, the friendly and open-hearted people. Many species can be caught in front the lens, including those that are considered endangered in the world. 

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You will arrive around 6.00 PM to the spot. Your tour will be started with food/dinner. You will be served with local cuisine meanwhile our guide will have a short briefing about your next day and overall about your tour. Due to tour is mostly in mountain area you will be instructed to wear outdoor shoes and warm clothes.

15.10.2021 – Chamois and Wallcreeper

The day will start early in the morning. You will venture forth towards the unspoiled mountain are where the chamois reside. After your mountain trip and lunch, you will have the opportunity to take pictures of the Wallcreeper the whole afternoon until the dark. 

16.10.2021 – Wallcreeper Peca side

A third day will be totally wallcreeper day. You will be in a beautiful area close to Peca Mountain - being the easternmost two-thousand-meter mountain in Slovenia and belongs to the Karavanke mountain range. In a morning there will be no rush and you will have time for your breakfast. After it you will go up to the mountains. On different places along the wall you will have an opportunity to take photos of Wallcreeper really close. It is a beautiful and very fast bird, so you will need to be really focused to get best shot of its exploring and searching for food in cracks in the wall.

17.10.2021 – Alpine ibex

Your Slovenian experience will highlight in photo session of the king of the Alpine world – Alpine ibex. Ibex’s habitat is open rocky areas above the forest border. According to an estimated count, there are around 300 ibexes living in Slovenia, mostly in Kamnik-Savinja Alps and in Julian Alps. We will also aim for a Chamois photo session again. While there’s a big chance meeting a chamois in the Slovenian Alps, finding an ibex generally means knowing its territory well – and our guides know this territory very well – seeing a large group of ibexes, on the other hand, only means sheer luck (and we hope for that as well). Unique photo experience in Slovenian Alps!

18.10.2021 – Owls (Pygmy Owl, Boreal Owl)

The tour will start just after early breakfast. We will be in the area of mount Peca. There will be a moderate to easy walk in the alpine area. We plan to have a whole day photography day. Our main goal will be Boreal and Pygmy owl. Boreal owls are fairly silent, except from mid-February to April when is a good time to go looking and listening for one. Their highly nocturnal habits mean that you'll need to head out at night to get a glimpse or hear their low hooting calls. Look for them in aspen, birch, or conifer trees around 5-10 meters above the ground, close to the tree trunk. In autumn time we offer great quite confident spot for photography, close to pygmy owl. The Eurasian pygmy owl is the smallest owl in Europe. Last autumn we had great time across the #koroska region. They can be found in higher mountainous regions with coniferous and mixed forests. Harder to see in winter, but fall is a great time for watching and photo them.

19.10.2021 – Last day

We plan to make one final hide photography early in the morning. Day before you will make a plan with our guide. We will try to find the best option for the last day. It will be on you where to go. We will finish our great tour with late brunch around noon, so there will be plenty of time for packing and safe travel back to home.

20.10.2021 - Departure 


Not Include

-     Fullpension

-     Single supp. 20 EUR p/d p/p)

-     Accommodation 3*

-     Persanol expances

-     Guide guidance all day

-     Insurances

-     Locole Transfers

-     Transfer from the Airport Ljubljana € 100,-

-     Support & Taxes and Organisation

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