Discover Nature Through Your Lens



min 3 max 5 participants


SET DEPARTURE: 13 till 18 SEPTEMBER PRICE: €1485,- (No flight included)


Day 1: Arrival in the morning at Ljubljana airport and transfer to the south of Slovenia. In the afternoon we go for the Brown Bear. A permanent resident in vast forests in the Notranjska region, this beautiful beast is the real king in Slovenia's forests. You photograph from safe shelters.

Day 2: In the morning we photograph birds from forest huts or we go for the Kingfisher or Dipper from shelters. After lunch we go deep into the woods again to photograph the Brown bear

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Day 3: After breakfast we will go to the Race region. After lunch we go into the water. You will first receive an explanation of how to enter the water, the easiest way to move in the water and how best to approach the birds. Then the real work begins.....

Target species include all kinds of ducks, herons, grebes and pygmy cormorants. The position is fantastic so unique photos are sure to be taken. 

Day 4 & 5 (waders are provided) These are the same as the afternoon of day 3 but you can also choose to complete a session by going to a forest hut or photographing Kingfishers. The Little Owl is also one of the possibilities.

Day 6: After breakfast we go for the return trip to Ljubljana airport.


Not include

-        Full Board 

-        Single supp. (20 EUR/day/person)

-        Accommodation 3*

-        Flight to Ljubljana 

-        Guide

-        personal expenses

-        Local Transfer

-        Insurances

-        Support & Taxes & organisation

-        Transfer from the Airport €100,-