Ontdek de ongelofelijke natuur in Hongarije

Nature-Klik the Photo Hide Specialist Hungary


 Your Hungary specialist in bird photography in the renowned Kiskunsagi Nemezeti Park

At an hour's drive south of Budapest airport we offer fully guided birdphoto trips. With more than 10 permanent and 8 movable hides you can take beautiful photos as a starting or advanced photographer without disturbing the birds. You stay in our Oriole Lodge on a full board basis. Transfers to and from the airport and to all bird photography hides are included. Only the flight is not included………………. Click on the photo's to get an impression



Winter 5 days: 

Traveldates: 2019: 9 t/m 13 dec (full) 17 t/m 21 dec (full); 6 t/m 10 jan 2020 (full)

Costs: € 1050,-  excl. flight Singleroom € 20 p/n

Species:  (Rough-legged) Buzzard, Eastern Imperial-, White Tailed Eagle, Red Kite, Sakerfalcon, Bittern, Kingfisher, Pygmy Commarant, Little Grebe, Water Rail, ect.

Speciaal: Golden Jackel regulair


Summer 6 days

Traveldates 2020: 11 t/m 16 may (Full) en van 18 t/m 23 may (1 place avalible)

Costs: €  1350-  excl. flight Singleroom € 20 p/n

Spieces: Hoopoo, Beeeater, Roller, Redfootedfalcon, Kestrel, Redback Shrike, Lesser Gray Shrike, Ferruginous Duck, Squacco-, Night Herons,  Black Stork, Little Owl. Sterns, Warblers etc. . Drinkingpools all open


Spring 5 days: 

Traveldate 2020: start of april  (4 places avalible)

Costs: €  950-  excl. flight Singleroom € 20 p/n 5 days. A longer stay is possible

Species: Reigers, Stilts, Ducks, Geese, Grebes, Polvers, etc.. Drinkingpools all open